MediDerma Homecare Cleansing Limpieza

    11.00 .د.ب

    Mediderma the medical division of Sesderma, is a leading manufatures of chemical peels, with more than 25 years of dermatological experience. Over 5,000 medical professionals use our products.

    High-tolerance soap-free foamy cream for the daily cleansing of all skin types.


    • Aloe barbadensis.
    • Avena.
    • Chamomile.
    • Mimosa.
    • Triclosan.

    Includes plant extracts, triclosan, and active ingredients with antibacterial properties, very useful for cleansing all skin types in depth, especially acne-prone skin. Apply to moist skin and work with a gentle massage to obtain a soft, creamy foam. Rinse with abundant clear water.